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Ways Of Finding Out Whether You Have A Bed Bug Infestation

If you are having a hard time sleeping because of bugs in your mattress then you should find out what is disturbing you. Several people often notice dust mites on their mattresses especially since there are around 1.5 million dust mites can inhabit the mattress at any given day. One way of taking care of dust mites is ensuring you wash your sheets at least once or twice a week, especially since their life cycle is three months.

It’s a well-known fact that bed bugs have been feeding on human blood for several centuries and they essentially thrive on any bed. Multiple people prefer looking at their mattresses regularly so it will be easy to tell if they have bed bugs in their home. Anyone who has dealt with bed bug infestation in their property understand how they are bites can be painful, and you might notice some smiley feces on your sheets.

You can look through your mattress to find any small brown oval insects to know whether you have any bed bugs and they turn red after feeding. Most of the bed bugs like staying in box springs, bed frames and headboards and they have access to you are home especially at night. You need to contact a pest control company as soon as possible so they can take care of the bedbugs and consider the type of treatment they will be using.

It is easy to notice bed bugs in both dirty and clean homes since there’s only feed on human blood. You can prevent an entire home infestation of bed bugs when you regularly check your clothing sheets and bed to make sure you don’t have any bedbugs. It is challenging to spot bed bugs in your property since they are small but you can start by checking for musty smells around your home.

Most of the scents emitted from the bed bugs is because of excretion of pheromones but you’ll know whether the infestation is serious if the smell is pungent. If you notice any blood spots in your bed coverings then it shows bed bugs have been feeding especially since they will inject an anticoagulant to help with the blood flow. Not everyone will respond to a bed bug bite, so if you notice any itchiness and small swells then you should definitely look out for bedbugs.

The bed bugs choose different hiding spots so make sure you look through your property and furniture for facial stains. You can identify whether you have a bed bug infestation by looking out for their eggs and skin the shed which usually happens in their favorite hiding-place.

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